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Project Description
Interceptor is an open source library used to intercept managed methods. The library can be used whenever an hook of a managed method is necessary.

Currently Interceptor works only on 32 bit machine.

Example of interception:

public static void Main()
     var hook = MethodHookFactory.Create();

     var sayHelloMethod = typeof( Program ).GetMethod( "SayHello" );
     var sayGoodbyeMethod = typeof( Program ).GetMethod( "SayGoodbye" );

     hook.Initialize( sayHelloMethod, sayGoodbyeMethod );

     Console.WriteLine( Program.SayHello() ); // print "Goodbye"


     Console.WriteLine( Program.SayHello() ); // print "Hello"

public static String SayHello()
     return "Hello";

public static String SayGoodbye()
     return "Goodbye";

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